Poster session


  • The poster session will be held on March 9, 13:40-15:10 at conference room 101 (See Program)
  • The size of poster board is 90 cm wide by 210 cm high
  • Pushpins will be provided

List of posters

Poster Number Authors and Title
[P-A] Tesuya Sakurai (University of Tsukuba), Shao-Liang Zhang (Nagoya University), Toshiyuki Imamura (RIKEN AICS), Yusaku Yamamoto (The University of Electro-Communications), Yoshinobu Kuramashi (University of Tsukuba), Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University)
“CREST project “Development of an Eigen-Supercomputing Engine using a Post-Petascale Hierarchical Model””
[P-B] Tesuya Sakurai (University of Tsukuba), Shao-Liang Zhang (Nagoya University)
“CREST: Sparse Eigen-Engine Groups”
[P-C] Toshiyuki Imamura (RIKEN AICS), Yusaku Yamamoto (The University of Electro-Communications)
“CREST: Dense Eigen-Engine Groups”
[P-D] Yoshinobu Kuramashi (University of Tsukuba), Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University)
“CREST: Application Groups”
[P-01] Masanori Yamanaka (Nihon University)
“Random matrix theory aided refinement of principal component analysis in MD simulation of proteins”
[P-02] Hiroyuki Sato (Kyoto University)
“Several matrix computation algorithms based on Riemannian optimization techniques”
[P-03] Kensuke Aishima (The University of Tokyo)
“Global convergence of the restarted Lanczos method”
[P-04] Shinji Ito (The University of Tokyo), Kazuo Murota (The University of Tokyo)
“An algorithm for solving the generalized eigenvalue problem for non-square matrices using a minimal perturbation approach”
[P-05] Akiko Fukuda (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), Yusaku Yamamoto (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan/JST CREST), Masashi Iwasaki (Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan), Emiko Ishiwata (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), Yoshimasa Nakamura (Kyoto University, Japan)
“An extension of the qd algorithm for totally nonnegative Hessenberg matrices”
[P-06] Zhang Lan (Kobe University), Yusaku Yamamoto (The University of Electro-Communications)
“Parallelization of the Classical Jacobi Method for the Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem”
[P-07] Akira Imakura (University of Tsukuba), Lei Du (University of Tsukuba, JST/CREST), Tetsuya Sakurai (University of Tsukuba, JST/CREST)
“Accuracy analysis on the Rayleigh-Ritz type of the contour integral based eigensolver”
[P-08] Yuka Yanagisawa (Waseda University), Yuji Nakatsukasa  (University of Tokyo), Takeshi Fukaya (Riken Advanced Institute for Computational Science)
“Cholesky-QR and Householder-QR factorizations in nonstandard inner product spaces”
[P-09] Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University,JST-CREST), Tomohiro Sogabe (Aichi Prefecture University,JST-CREST), Shao-Liang Zhang (Nagoya University,JST-CREST), Hiroto Imachi (University of Tokyo)
“Krylov subspace theories and one-hundred-million-atom quantum material simulations on the K computer”
[P-10] Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University, JST-CREST), Hiroto Imachi (University of Tokyo), Yoshifumi Kawai, Yohei Akiyama, Keita Yamazaki, Seiya Yokoyama (Tottori University)
“ELSES matrix library: a sparse matrix collection arising from electronic structure calculations”
[P-11] Martin Bečka (Slovak Academy of Sciences), Gabriel Okša (Slovak Academy of Sciences), Marián Vajteršic (University of Salzburg)
“Speeding Up Parallel Jacobi SVD by Enlarging a Block Size”
“Filter Diagonalization Method for Complex-Hermitian Definite Generalized Eigenproblems”
[P-13] Soichiro Ikuno (Tokyo University of Technology), Yuta Hirokawa (Tokyo University of Technology), Kuniyoshi Abe (Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University)
“Speedup of Variable Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Method using Many Integrated Core Architecture”
[P-14] TAKURO KUTSUKAKE (Keio University), TAKASHI NODERA (Keio University)
“Deflated FGMRES with Approximate Inverse Precondtioner”
[P-15] Lei DU (University of Tsukuba, JST/CREST), Akira IMAKURA (University of Tsukuba), Tetsuya SAKURAI (University of Tsukuba, JST/CREST)
“Two-Stage Simultaneous Band Reduction for Two Dense Symmetric Matrices”
[P-16] Takatoshi Nakamura (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University), Takashi Nodera (Department of Mathematics, Keio University)
“A Note on Flexible Incomplete LU Factorization”
[P-17] Takafumi Miyata (Nagoya University), Ryohei Naito (Nagoya University), Syuta Honda (University of Tsukuba)
“Computing surface Green’s functions”
[P-18] Kenji Sasaoka (Organization of Advanced Science and Technology, Kobe University), Kazuma Kato (Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University), Satofumi Souma (Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University), Matsuto Ogawa (Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University)
“Numerical Simulations for Time-evolving Electronic States in a Nanoscale System with and without Wide Band Limit Approximation”
[P-19] Dongjin Lee (Nagoya University), Takafumi Miyata (Nagoya University), Tomohiro Sogabe (Aichi Prefectural University), Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University), Shao-Liang Zhang (Nagoya University)
“A numerical approach to interior eigenvalue problems in electronic structure calculations”
[P-20] Kensuke Aihara (Tokyo University of Science), Kuniyoshi Abe (Gifu Shotoku University), Emiko Ishiwata (Tokyo University of Science)
“A variant of the IDRstab method with reliable update strategies for solving large sparse linear systems”
[P-21] Takeshi Fukaya (RIKEN AICS / JST CREST), Yusaku Yamamoto (UEC / JST CREST), Toshiyuki Imamura (RIKEN AICS / JST CREST)
“An overview of parallel algorithms for tall-skinny QR factorizations”
[P-22] Takahiro Yano (University of Tsukuba), Yasunori Futamura (University of Tsukuba), Tetsuya Sakurai (University of Tsukuba)
“Parallel Implementation of a Contour-Integral-Based Eigensolver for Dense Generalized Eigenvalue Problems on GPU Clusters”
[P-23] Yusuke HIROTA (RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science), Toshiyuki IMAMURA (RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science)
“Divide and Conquer Method for Computing Generalized Eigenvalues of Banded Matrices”
[P-24] Takumi Yamashita, Masami Takata (Nara Women’s University), Kinji Kimura (Kyoto University), Yoshimasa Nakamura (Kyoto University)
“New techniques for implementation of the dqds algorithm”
[P-25] Yasunori Futamura (University of Tsukuba), Tetsuya Sakurai (University of Tsukuba)
“z-Pares: A complex moment based hierarchical parallel eigensolver package”
[P-26] Hiroto Tadano (University of Tsukuba), Akira Imakura (University of Tsukuba)
“A high accuracy Block Krylov subspace method based on the bi-conjugate residual approach”
[P-27] Yasuyuki Maeda (University of Tsukuba), Tetsuya Sakurai (University of Tsukuba, JST/CREST)
“Contour Integral Spectral Slicing Solver CISS in SLEPc”